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Update from Game Two Records!

It's been almost two years since Game Two has sent out a message like this, but we're back in action.

Don't bother checking out the website; that hasn't been updated yet, but we're hoping to get it done soon. Anyway, we're proud to announce the newest release from Game Two; the scorching CHURCH OF MISERY/DEER CREEK Split LP (GT-33). The Japanese lords of serial doom return with a 16+ minute lysergic, effects-laden track, "The Golden Dawn"on Side A. Side B is the recorded debut of Colorado's DEER CREEK, who offer three tracks of bleak and down-tuned Doom heaviness. Limited to 1000 copies on nice, black vinyl, with original artwork by Paul Vismara.


Mail Order Price:

$14 US, $24 Airmail

Rest of World 2 Copy Deal: $25 US, $35 Airmail Rest of World


Contact gametworecords[at]hotmail.com  for more information.


Thanks, Conan

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