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Update from Electric Earth Records

The test pressings for the ELDER vinyl dropped in this week and they sound bloody amazing! Mell Detmer (Sleep, Earth, Boris,...) re-mastered the album for vinylcutting and she did a truly awesome job. The artwork is also re-colored and printed on a heavy gatefold sleeve. A run of 500 copies (180 gr vinyl) of which 400 black and 100 with an orange/red swirly effect. We'll have 80 of them available for pre-order which start May 1st!

The COUGH double album is getting pressed as we speak and we'll expect our share of the cake somewhere mid next month. This is a co-release with Forcefield (US) and Feast of Tentacles (UK), so we have only a limited stock available of the total run of 500. Double heavy weight vinyl in heavy gatefold sleeve. Pre-orders also start May 1st.