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Upcoming releases on METEORCITY

A lot of good music will be released by METEORCITY in 2008. Here's a short overview about their upcoming and current releases:


FARFLUNG - A Wound in Eternity

Like an apocalyptic beacon from the dark cosmos, FARFLUNG awake from the cryogenic tubes with warped sensibilities and cosmic wrath... This is the heaviest and most tripped-out offering from these musicnauts to date. Dive bombing moogs, crushing riffs, and mind numbing cataclysmic overtures. This is A Wound In Eternity. Spacewarped by the various crew members voyages with Chrome, Nik Turner’s Hawkwind,Damo Suzuki Network, and Pressurehed. They set off in this new year to bring spacerock to your mental galaxy bathed in infared, shuddering under the strobes, and warping the eyes. Look to the skies for a touchdown near you. Deluxe Double Gatefold Vinyl coming in April, 2008! Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition CDs coming in May, 2008!!   


DEAD MAN - Euphoria

'Euphoria' is much darker and heavier than their first album while maintaining a thoroughly vintage vibe. There are bluesy up-tempo rockers alongside melodic folk-pop masterpieces and an unexpected turn into dark and psyched-out heavy rock. While their debut Self Titled album made a huge impact on the stoner/prog rock fanatics, Euphoria will establish Dead Man with cult-status like their contemporaries Witchcraft and Black Mountain have achieved. CD coming in June, 2008!   


LOS NATAS - El Universo Perdido de Los Natas

The first song alone, "Amame Petiribi", is worth the price of admission. "El Collar del Perro" is the doomiest song ever from Natas! The guitar tone is as unmistakable as ever throughout and sounds great on the Kyuss and Sabbath covers. Recommended for all, a must-have for Natas fans. 2CD is IN STOCK NOW!!!   


...And Back To Earth Again. Ten Years of MeteorCity

This is a gorgeous 3CD Box Set featuring deluxe packaging and a 40 page booklet! All 45 tracks are fully remastered for optimal sound quality and heaviness! A lot of these tracks are very rare nowadays or were never actually released before now! 3CD is IN STOCK NOW!!!