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Upcoming Releases on Bad Afro Records

The side project for members and ex-members of BABY WOODROSE and ON TRIAL called DRAGONTEARS are recording their 3rd album. Bad Afro will release what is likely to be the last DRAGONTEARS album in the fall 2010. The album will be called 'Turn On Tune In Fuck Off' and will be available as LP, CD and download.

Spring 2011 brings an interesting release - the legendary demos for the BABY WOODROSE debut album 'Blows Your Mind' will be released including totallly different versions of songs from the album as well as at least 5 unreleased songs from the same sessions. The album will be called 'Mindblowing Seeds & Disconnected Flowers' and should be very interesting for fans who bought almost 10.000 copies of 'Blows Your Mind'.