Upcoming releases from TOTALRUST

- Totalrust Music is extremely proud to announce our new signed band, PYRAMIDO!
We are honored to welcome to our growing kingDOOM the Sludge/Doom band, PYRAMIDO! The band has recently joined our forces with a contract for two releases. The first album is planned for early 2009. For those of you who are not familiar with this Swedish beast, let us just say that they released a crushing demo a few months ago and they are all about old school kind of Sludge/Doom. Should be nice and dirty...

- (Trust011) MOURNING DAWN - For The Fallen
The next Totalrust's release will be the second full-length album of MOURNING DAWN. The album is currently in the mastering department, so if all goes like it should, we will announce the release date very soon. You just prepare yourself for 70 minutes of extreme Black/Dark Metal from this suicidal French act... (expect also sick guest vocals by Jonathan Thery from Bethlehem, Ataraxie, Hyadningar,and Funeralium) 

Another release that is in the making is the three way split between HIGHGATE, WRECK OF THE HESPERUS and DEATHCRAWL. HIGHGATE's part consists of their deadly demo tracks (30 minutes), Irish WRECK OF THE HESPERUS will deliver one long rotting track and DEATHCRAWL from Ohio will end this filthy struggle with another 20/25 minutes.

We are very glad to work with WOTH again (!!) and extremely happy that DEATHCRAWL has joined this release and turned it to a three way split! We have recently discovered the band with their crushing debut, "The End Is Not Near Enough" (73 minutes of devastating mixture of Sludge, DOOM and Grind) and really looking forward to see what they will bring for this one. Keep your eyes open for updates.

- The distro catalogue is back to business!
Totalrust's distro catalogue has been updated and continues to grow, new items are being added on a regular basis, the prices are friendly as possible and worldwide shipping is included, so bring it on!

More 2 come..