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Upcoming releases from BLOOD & IRON RECORDS

Here are the latest news from the label:

LIFE BEYOND 'Ancient Worlds' re-release

BLOOD & IRON will have copies available from 15th of March to dispatch, I was hoping now on the 10th but the sleeve delayed a few days so...anyway, the artwork is totally unique from the original release, 10 tracks all remastered and contrary to initial number of copies this is even more limited only 500 copies! Maryland Doom/Heavy Rock maniacs, take note.

BLIND LEGION (pre-LOST BREED) re-release

I can say also that we have in our hands right now all the stuff to advance with another great release: BLIND LEGION : 80's underground U.S. Metal pre-LOST BREED. Reissue will contain the ultrarare 7" + the two demos. We wanted to include a live show from 84 but one of the members of the band doesn't want, too bad, the show is great, unreleased songs very punky, if you like the OBSESSED punky period with Vance on vocals so this is for you! Maybe later we could do them on VINYL!

BUFFALO tribute album

BUFFALO tribute is finally finished !! Its was one bloody year waiting but it's WORTH THE WAIT!! Its has tracks by BLOOD OF THE SUN, DOOMRAISER, OGRE, FALCON, DAWNRIDER and more.

More infos at : www.myspace.com/dawnrider