Upcoming European VALIS tour!

For those unfamiliar with the band, VALIS is Van Conner's (Screaming Trees) solo project.  A super group or sorts, VALIS has touted members of Seattle Heavies Mudhoney and Tad and now includes members of Screaming Trees, Kitty Kitty and Solomon Grundy.


Name-dropping aside, it goes without saying the members of VALIS are no amateurs. VALIS' sound has been compared to classics like Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Hawkwind, and Pink Floyd. More recent comparisons have included Monster Magnet, Qotsa, Fu Manchu and Fireball Ministry. What can one expect from VALIS' live show?  Expect the unexpected. 


The VALIS live experience has been called "seriously fantastic" and a "glorious freak show". This said, don't expect to see VALIS to simply play a live version of their albums. Do expect spontaneous jams, near misses, and crash landings. Do expect to see a band that is having more fun than anyone in the room and eager to take any willing freak along for the ride with no apologies. Don't expect to see rock star attitude or musical pretension. Do expect alcohol-fueled hijinks from the ever-humorous Conner brothers as they lead you ever further down the path to freakdom. Lastly expect a set filled with musical peaks and valleys that are sure to end in glorious destruction. You've been warned. Watch out for flying guitars! Check out the tour-dates here!!!