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Upcoming AlONE Records releases!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

The people at ALONE Records are working hard to bring you some cool stuff this year. By now, they can confirm such an amazing piece of rock made by HULK and TEN EAST.

+ HULK album will be released as Spanish edition

HULK, from Belgium (Dutch and Belgian people, you know what we say). HULK are smashing the audience from central Europe with their furious power rock made by this amazing trio. This is an spanish edition only, so ALONE will offer it mostly in Spain, but hey Freaks!, go ahead and ask for a copy through their mail order catalog, right?. Don´t forget this release features Chriss Goss (Masters of Reality), Brant Bjork, Dave Cathing (Earhlings?) and Jess Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal). ALONE are working on future spanish tour dates for late 2005...!!!!.


+ TEN EAST album "Extraterrestial Highway"     

10EAST is a new project, formed by: Gary Arce, guitars (Yawning Man) / 

Billy Cordell, bass (Yawning Man, Unida) /  Mario Lalli, vocals, guitar (Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, Orquesta del Desierto) and Bill Stinton.


Bill Stinton has played with Greg Ginn (BLACK FLAG). He is currently playing with Chuck Dukowski (BLACK FLAG Bass Player). He has done recordings with Both for the SST label. They  had a jam trio for a while: Gary Arce on guitar Greg Ginn on bass and Bill Stinson on drums. He is a very heavy drummer which it accents Gary´s ambient syle.


TEN EAST is Jam out overdriven, flowing psychedelic mood rock. Taking your head through a surreal journey through the desert. Using their instruments as tour guides. Close your eyes, sit back and take a drive down the "Extraterrestrial Highway". Enjoy the trip as it turns, bends and glides and ends up at lost heads ranch.


More news about TEN EAST coming very soon. Album to be recorded next week. an After summer release is planned for TEN EAST. Stay altert. This is gonna be a really good album.