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UNEARTHLY TRANCE begin recording "The Trident"!

New York metal band UNEARTHLY TRANCE have begun recording for their forthcoming record and Relapse debut "The Trident".

The trio laid down basic tracks with engineer Sanford Parker (PELICAN, BREATHER RESIST) at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago and haved moved onto mixing at Volume Studios. Guiatarist / vocalist Ryan Lipynsky comments on "The Trident"; "The production is over the top as far as heaviness. The tone is still as oppressive but the songs develop at a more more quickly and Darrens drumming takes a lead role more than ever. Some songs have more vocal meody than before and other songs sound like His Hero Is Gone doing Darkthrone covers!! We also drew upon our catalog of unrecorded songs and have revamped some excellent old tunes."


Advance song titles include "Decrepitude", "You Get What You Want", "The Air Exits, The Sea Accepts", "Permanent Ice", "Firebrand", "Scarlet" and "Where The Unbelievable Is Ordinary". "The Trident" is scheduled for a Spring 2006 release.