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UFOMAMMUT Unveil Secrets And Hidden Codes Of Their New Album; Video Posted

With the release of UFOMAMMUT's fifth full-length 'Eve' approaching, more cryptic info on this monstrous release is slowly becoming available, as amazing early responses to the album are appearing within the expanses of music and art media outlets.

As per the band, the concept of 'Eve' was initially inspired by Pink Floyd's Meddle album. "The idea was to work on a long song and some satellites" the band state. "Then we started in playing this song that was growing and developing bigger and bigger. And it was like we were reaching something new; a different knowledge. So I got the feeling we had to move it around something that was about freedom; the idea of rebellion, of fighting to reach something important, and peculiar."

The deep rooted meanings in the whole concept of 'Eve' on this record are staggering. The official release date, the number of tracks on the album, the overall timing of the whole album, the number of formats the album will be presented in and just about every other aspect of the release are tied into the story of Eve. The band comments: "The concept of 'Eve' was cool because cause you can read it on both sides, like the Ouroboros; a serpent circle eating itself. When all the other numeric things we came out together it all sounded like it was fate, it had to be done."

To be released worldwide on CD, DVD and LP the 5th of May via Supernatural Cat Records (now distributed in North America by Relapse Records), 'Eve' is an undeniably infectious and utterly devastating piece of doom metal art. Check out a newly released video preview of the album here: http://www.youtube.com/EarsplitPR