UFOMAMMUT Announce Final 'Eve' Tour

Italian trio UFOMAMMUT have announced their final days of live performances in support of their most recent album, 'Eve'. After touring on the monstrous album throughout Europe for the past year, the band will play the album live over the coming months on several short tours between July and early October, including a July tour as direct support for Neurosis!

Stated the band about the upcoming July tour supporting Neurosis: "Neurosis are one of the most important and influential entities in heavy music and obviously it'll be great for UFOMAMMUT to play before them during their Summer tour. But sharing the same stage has even a more special meaning for us. We surely grew up in different places, we have different background and different experiences, but we feel like our attitudes are very close and similar, beyond the mere musical aspect. That’s why we are honored and pleased by Neurosis invitation."

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Also make sure to scope out some seriously heavy footage of UFOMAMMUT at this year's Roadburn Festival in Holland and more at this location.

Stay tuned for more updates on UFOMAMMUT's ongoing activities as more live actions are confirmed, and as the band prepare to enter the studio in July to begin forging their next opus of cerebral, organic heavy music.