TRIP IN TIME - upcoming releases and more

1.) SERPENTINA SATELITE performing "Nothing To Say" live in Lima

Now, that their international debut album "Nothing To Say" is available in EU and US, SERPENTINA SATELITE proudly present the record live at Centro Fundacion Telefonica in Lima, Peru!
Cheers to that one :)

Official Album Presentation
January 30th, 7pm
Centro Fundacion Telefonica
Lima, Peru
2.) Next Trip in Time Release: iH8 CAMERA (CD)

Belgian All-Star Jamband feat. ex-dEUS members Craig Ward and Rudy Trouve
Recorded live at the Freakstage, Burg Herzberg Festival 2006.
RELEASE DATE: March 28th 2009
Distributed by World in Sound

iH8 CAMERA (="i hate camera") are from Antwerp, Belgium. They played a mindblowing experimental imro-rock set at Burg Herzberg festival 2006, presented by trip in time. The band, feat. former dEUS members Craig Ward and Rudy Trouve, arrived just in time at the freakstage after a long trip from Antwerp to the festival located near Breitenbach. The trip must have been very impressive, as the band later named all their performed songs after places around the area. The recordings of this extraordinary concert seemed lost on a broken hard disc for years, before Trip in Time finally managed to bring them back now. And the effort was worth it. Even now - three years later - these sounds leave no one untouched! This is experimental rock music - beware! And this is a real trip in time: past, present and future of rock music collide in the musical world of iH8 CAMERA.
3) Next Compilation Trip in Time Vol. 4
The next Trip in Time compilation is coming in June 2009! Vol.4 will be featuring some great young Psychedelic Rock Bands from around the world again. Bands who want to get on board can contact us via email take[at] - Deadline: 15.02.

Greetings from Berlin,
Michel Bergner
Trip in Time