Totalrust Music Update

Hello everyone, Things are going on and its time for a real update......;

- (Trust015) HIGHGATE - Shrines to the Warhead. Release date stands on in July 13th!

We are extremely happy to tell you that mighty HIGHGATE is back and the new album will be out in July 13th. Please mark this date in blood in your calendar! Album has been recorded at Candyland Studios and brings three tracks clocking in at almost 45 minutes. This new slab of sickness shows once again the unique Crusty Doom/Black of HIGHGATE that is nasty and suicidal. But this time it's heavier. Way heavier.

- Totalrust Music will release the second LORDS OF BUKKAKE album! Release date stands on in July 13th!

Totalrust is honored to welcome the roster the Sludge/Doom band, LORDS OF BUKKAKE! We wanted to see this band as a part of our growing kingDOOM from the first time we heard their devastating S/T debut (released two years ago and produced by Billy Anderson) , so we really glad it worked out! The band recently completed their second album, 'Desorden y Rencor', and it's not less than a masterpiece.

40 minutes of sickening extremely heavy slow motion Psychedelic Sludge/DOOM filled with dirty riffs, greasy feedbacks, high-pitched nuts vocals and lots of effects and electronics in the background. Noisier and weirder than their previous material and just brilliant. 'Desorden y Rencor' has been mastered by Bri Doom (Lazarus Blackstar) at Studio 1in12 and will be released through Totalrust in July 13th!

- It's official, ABYSMAL DARKENING teaming up with Totalrust!

Dutch Dark Metal band ABYSMAL DARKENING has recently joined our forces with a contract for two releases. The band (featuring ex-members of Bunkur and current members of Planet Aids and Funeral Goat) took part in the Asymmetry comp we released 5 years ago and we are very excited to work with them again. ABYSMAL DARKENING first full length, 'No Light Behind', will be mixed and mastered later this month. More details about this utter depressing torturing darkened Doom Metal album soon.

Spread the word!

Cheers!Gad/Totalrust Music