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Thor stars in Sci-Fi Thriller "The Inttercessor"

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

There seems to be a buzz happening on Thor's new Intercessor movie. Jon Mikl Thor is currently starring in the movie "The Intercessor", a sci fi, Horror thriller which is filming on location through September in Vancouver, BC and London Ontario. The story is based on a concept of Thor's and will feature some very unique special effects.


The film will feature the adventures of the Intercessor, an ancient being who is on a quest to save the last innocent souls on Earth from the evil Mephisto and his allies the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Intercessor is able to travel through the dreams of a young girl in his fight against her enemies.


Anthony Veilleiux, who through movie make up magic will bring the undead in this film to life. He has worked recently on such films as Resident Evil II and Gingersnaps. Thor's company Chompa Productions/VMS Ltd. is also producing the film along with Grimbrothers Productions and Struggling Productions has brought on board a very talented crew.


Directing will be Benn McGuire and Screen writers Chris Allen and Jacob Windatt. The film will also feature upcoming actress Melissa Ellingham. Amsell Entertainment of Studio City, California will represent the movie worldwide and will premeire the movie at the American Film Market in Santa Monica in November.


Alan Solomon, president of Amsell Entertainment is reported to be very excited about the new movie and will feature it as a top product at AFM. As well as a powerful theatrical performance on screen the film boasts a stellar soundtrack including: The Melvins, Joe Preston, Goat Horn, Girl Nobody, The Trained Bears, Empyria, New Horizon and more.


Also, the buzz still continues to grow from the release of Thor's collaboration with Mick Hoffman "Beastwomen From The Center of the Earth" - the fantasy concept album / comic book released early this Summer. The album has drawn in previous fans along with legions of new followers with it's diverse arrangements and vast differences from previous Thor releases.


Thor is also in the work on his next studio projects:



THOR will be recording a new album, entitled Thor Against The World, in Los Angeles this month. Thor will be backed by LA three-piece SWEET JUSTICE, which features Frank Meyer (The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Wayne Kramer, Cheetahs Chrome, Sylvain Sylvain) on guitar, Bruce Duff (ADZ, 45 Grave, Jeff Dahl) and Chris Marwkood (ex Bellrays, Blare Bitch Project), whose debut album was recently released on Real O Mind Records. Meyer and Duff make up the production team Messiaz, who have been producing everything from hip hop to hard rock at their own ToneDuff Studios in Hollywood (Messiaz will be producing the debut studio album by Dead Boys founder Cheetah Chrome later this year). Also scheduled to appear on the album are keyboardist Brian Kehew (Air, Moog Cookbook) and punk queen Texas Terri on what promises to be a lean, mean, stripped down hard rock affair. According to Michael Hektoen, President of ThorToen Records, "I am very excited to be working with Frank Meyer and Bruce Duff. Their talent, experience and enthusiasm is going to make this CD Great".