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The Ultimate Fuzzcollection VOL. 1!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

A new superfuzzy album will shortly be released by the Swedish record label Fuzzoramarecords. We decided long ago that it would be cool to put a compilation together with some of the finest fuzzrock bands in the world, so here we are!

We have gathered a totalt amount of sixteen bands which contribute with one song each. The bands are the following:

Astroqueen, Cowboys and Aliens, Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra, Dozer, Elephantum, Firestone, Freedom Bleeder, Gonzales, Greenleaf, Los Natas, Mezzanine, Spiritu, Sunride, Truckfighters, We and Brant Bjork



Dozer – Man Made Mountain, www.dozermusic.com

These guys just came back from a World tour for their third full-length album “Call it Conspiracy”. Been touring constantly for many years and are today one of the biggest stonerrock bands. The song “<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Man Made Mountain” is taken from the “Call it…” album.


Los Natas – Tufi Meme, www.natasrock.com

Needless to say more than that this is one of the bands that had biggest influences on todays “Stonerrock” bands besides Kyuss. Huge reputation all over the world with dussins of releases including full-length’s, split cd’s, vinyl’s and compilations. They have also been touring the world for a decade! Just visit their webpage and see for yourself, huge respect to these guys!


Truckfighters - Analougus,www.truckfighters.com

Coolest bands in the world. They play somekind of Stonerrock but it feels like those guys are not afraid of puttin’ something extra to it. Been touring a lot in Sweden and also made a few appearances on the Finnish club scenes this year, with very good response. They will also tour in Italy in October 2004. Their latest and first appearance on a record were with the mate’s in Firestone on the “Fuzzsplit of the century” split record, which was released by Fuzzoramarecord in 2003 (Swe) and early in 2004 in the rest of the world. 


Astroqueen – Other Side of Nothing, www.stonerrock.com/astroqueen

A great rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Released their debut full-length album at Pavement Records in 2001. Now they are back, after a few years in silence, and wow I tell you straight out this is good shit, of course unreleased and only available on the Ultimate Fuzzcollection.


Greenleaf – Black Black Magic, www.riffrock.com/greenleaf

Formed in early 2000 by Tommi Holappa (Dozer), Daniel Lidén (Demon Cleaner) & Bengt Bäcke (Rockhouse studio engineer) out of their mutual love for 60’s & 70’s rock. Shortly after forming, Fredrik Nordin (Dozer) joined in to handle vocal duties and in 2002 guitarist Daniel Jansson followed. Greenleaf have ´til this day recorded 3 albums and 1 ep. The latest album, “Secret alphabet”, was released by the US label Small Stone Records.


Gonzalez - Dusted, www.stonerrock.com/gonzalez

“Gonzalez are recovering punks with a solid pedigree of mid 70's riff-rock” – Stonerrock.com. Released their self-titled debutalbum at Buzzville records and it’s fuckin’ awesome, just listen to the song “Dusted” on the Fuzzcollection; pure energy!


Cowboys and Aliens – Ghost in my Speaker,


A great fuzzcombo from Belgium who has played gigs in some of the most important Benelux venues and they also appeared on the biggest festivals and events. Today, the energetic band proudly announces the release of their second album “Love, Sex, Volume”, which the song “Ghost in my Speaker” is taken from.


Elephantum – Black Butterfly,www.elephantum.nl

This band got great feedback from the international press. Their music sounds quite dark and heavy. They have played a lot with 'local' friends Astrosoniq, NUC, Cereal and they also been touring with bands like Dozer, Los Natas, Wall of Sleep among others.


Sunride – Vinegar Fly,www.sunride.fi

Has released two albums on the well known German recordcompany, People like you. First album, The Great Infiltration", got positive feedback among the press and fans, but it was not until their second album, "Through The Red" (People Like You 2003), that they hit the jackpot. Every essential hard rock magazines kept on giving it 4/5 & 9/10 reviews all over. They also been touring a lot both in their homecountry Finland and Europe.


Dexter Jones’ Circus Orchestra – Fools in the Band,www.circusorchestra.com

The Circus has gained splendid reviews and unanimously good critic. The band followed up the release of their latest single with some shows in sweden and also a few appearances in the New York clubscene. Smash Studios NYC was hired for a brief session aswell during that time. Those tunes can be found on their debut fullenghtalbum.


Freedom Bleeder - Pretend,www.freedombleeder.com

They have released a single titled "Breathing"on the Swedish label Molten Universe in January 2001. The first pressing of the record sold out quickly. both in Europe and in USA. The band has also contribute with a couple of songs on several compilation albums. They will soon release their debut album “Ten Out of Ten” on Water Dragon Records.


Spiritu – Throwback,www.riffrock.com/spiritu

A cool band from USA, released their seltitled debut album on Meteorcity for the US market and People Like You for the European market. They have also been touring a lot. In 2003 they did “the Monster Groove” tour with Clutch, Spiritual Beggars and Dozer (sponsored by Metal Hammer) in Europe. We are proud to present a previously unreleased song for the Fuzzcompilation called “Throwback”.


Firestone - Jack,www.firestonemusic.com 

Firestone is a liveband for sure, they been around since -99 and played over 120 gigs in Sweden and Finland. In 2001 they were the support band for Alice Cooper and DIO on their “Monster of the Millennium” tour. Just recently they joined up with Truckfighters on the “Fuzzsplit of the Century”. Before that occasion they have been releasing two ep’s, both highly graded in international press.


Mezzanine– Dig a hole, www.mezzanine.tv

Mezzanine are three guys who discovered their mutual love for 60’s and 70’s rock and they decided to form a band. They just recently released their debut album on Buzzville records. The band has been touring a lot in the States, check out their site for more info.


WE – Lost Crossroad Found,www.werock.org

WE is probably the band which has been around the longest time besides Los Natas! They started as a band as early as -93. They have been releasing albums for years and been touring… A LOT!  As they released their album, “Dinosauric Futurobic”, the most succesfull album up to date, WE started with a releaseparty at legendary club SoWhat! in Oslo with a queue stretching hundreds of metres outside as the band went onstage. The touring schedule increased month by month, doing mostly headliner shows but also supporting Queens of the Stone Age on their “Songs for the Deaf “ tour in Scandinavia November 2002.


Brant Bjork – Rock 'n’ Role,www.dunarecords.com

Needless to say anything more than this guy used to play in Kyuss and Fu Manchu! We’re proud to have this livin’ legend on this compilation. This song is taken from his album “Jalamanta”, which was released on Dunarecords in 2003.



Also check out these future releases on Fuzzoramarecords;


This Autumn:    “SquareOrganicSquare”Their second fullength album will be released on Fuzzoramarecords in co-operation with the Norweigan label “Fucking North Pole Records” –Date of Release 12th November.

Truckfighters Reverse Square – Truckfighters do two Square songs and Square will do two Truckfighters songs in their own way’s. Exciting as hell!

Spring 2005:      “Truckfighters” A fullength album, release in April.




/Oskar Cedermalm and Niklas Källgren @ Fuzzoramarecords