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The Ripple Effect Unleashes 5 Year Anniversary Free Download Compilation

What a long strange trip it's been.

What started out five years ago as a forum for two music lovers to share their obsession with obscure/little-heard rock music, has grown and evolved into a Record Label, a top-rated Radio Show, and one of the world's premiere sites for discovering new and lost classic music: The Ripple Effect.

To celebrate 5 years of collective Ripple Madness, Todd Severin (Racer X) and John Rancik (Pope JTE) are unleashing a massive download compilation album, featuring some of the best of the new wave of modern heavy rock bands. And it's all entirely free!

Best of all, the compilation features many brand new, previously unheard, unreleased tracks by some of the bands leading this charge of the Heavy. In addition, you'll find tracks from several albums buzzing across the websites and music blogs, and several new and waiting-to-be discovered bands.

To be released on July 22, through bandcamp, The Ripple Effect unveils, The Ripple Effect presents: Volume 1- Head Music. In it's depths you'll find such notable bands as Stubb, Ape Machine, Devil to Pay, Miss Lava, Voodoo Johnson, Borracho, and more. 23 tracks in all. All free. Some of the absolute best heavy rock the world has to offer.

To download your free copy, go to the Ripple Effect bandcamp page and get yours today!

And continue to check out The Ripple Effect each day for the latest music discoveries, and the Ripple Music record label for the latest releases from bands like Stone Axe, Mos Generator, Grifter, Trucker Diablo, Poobah, Fen, JPT Scare Band and more.


Download the album here.


Here's the track listing:

Devil to Pay "High Horse" - from the album 'Heavily Ever After'
White Light Cemetary "The Wieser" - previously unreleased
Torso "One" - from the EP 'Inside'
Cody Foster Army "Built Up Knocked Down" - previously unreleased
Stubb "Under a Spell" - previously unreleased
Space Probe Taurus "Ridin' the Mud" - previously unreleased
Concrete Sun "Silver Tear" - previously unreleased
Hong Faux "Bad City Blues" - from 'The Crown that Wears the Head'
Hosoi Bros "Wine Witch" - from 7" single 'Wine Witch/Yellow Fever'
Ape Machine "Everybody Bleeds" - previously unreleased
Deadweight "Cosmic Lunch" - previously unreleased
SuperGiant "Rosey Posey" - from 'Pistol Star'
Voodoo Johnson "Swear it to the Sun" from EP 'Black Powder Mother Loader'
Banda de la Muerte "Espiritu en Paz" - from 'Pulso de una Mente Maldita'
Venomin James "Seven Years" - previously unreleased from upcoming album 'Unholy Mountain'
Miss Lava "Ride" - from upcoming album 'Red Supergiant'
Steak "Machine" - from EP 'Disastronaut'
The Heavy Company "Groove a Mile Wide" - previously unreleased from upcoming album 'Midwest Electric'
Dark Earth "Dark Earth" - previously unreleased
The Enders "Self Deluded" - new previously unreleased from upcoming album 'The Ruins of Ambition'.
Borracho "All in Play" - live version, previously unreleased. Album version from 'Splitting Sky'
Arise Within "Black Pearl" - from album 'Volume 2'
Knall "Dark Amber" - previously unreleased