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THE LIZARDS release new CD - mystery guest revealed!

One of the most tightly guarded secrets of 2006 in the world of rock 'n' roll has been the name of the 'mystery guest star' on the new LIZARDS CD.

Speculation has run rampant while the lid on The Lizards 'secret recording sessions' has remained securely shut until NOW!!! Featuring drum legend Bobby Rondinelli (BOC/Rainbow/Sabbath) and vocal extraordinaire Mike DiMeo (Riot), THE LIZARDS recently completed several successful tours of the USA and Europe, with the likes of the Vanilla Fudge, UFO, Ian Hunter, Mountain and Canned Heat, in support of their third album, last year's critically acclaimed Cold Blooded Kings.



THE LIZARDS new CD Against All Odds, which promises to be the bands best yet, began life in the group's private studio, aptly christened Electric Randyland, in mid-2005. Along with Rondinelli and DiMeo, THE LIZARD's bassist Randy Pratt and guitarist Patrick Klein painstakingly wrote and recorded 10 new songs, many of which are destined to become rock classics, as well as regulars in the band's live repertoire. Likewise, the arrangements incorporated into the music are intricate, compelling and downright rocking! - Even real horns and strings were used in the mix! "I think we're evolving," says Bobby Rondinelli, "going deeper into our roots, but also taking it to new places.I think the CD will surprise people." And surprise it will, as one of the most intriguing aspects of the new Lizards CD is the addition of an undisclosed guest rock superstar!


Which brings us to the question that has been plaguing everyone's minds for the past year - Who is this mystery rocker?! Well the wait is finally over! And a drum-roll please¦

The mystery guest star is none-other-than than Glenn Hughes!!! - The legendary bassist/vocalist from Deep Purple/Trapese/Black Sabbath, and a rock icon in his own right. Hughes, whom THE LIZARDS toured extensively throughout Europe, Scandinavia and Russia in 2004, lends his dynamic vocals on four tracks on Against All Odds, as well as playing bass and singing on a cut for future release. The classic rocker, who recently sang lead vocals on Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi's new CD and is currently recording a new solo album, at the time of the LIZARDS recordings was quoted saying, "They were the best sessions I've ever done outside my own music!"


In recent news, The Lizards have performed a series of exciting US dates with guitar legend Uli John Roth and British classic rock heroes 10 Years After . Likewise the band is putting the finishing touches on their third live DVD, shot last year in Europe, as well as finishing a CD of hard rock covers - (both projects slated for a summer 2006 release). On a similar note, bassist Randy Pratt will appear in an upcoming issue of Bass Guitar Magazine, which will feature a full-photo spread of his unique bass collection. Pratt can also be heard blowing his harp on the soon-to-be-released Cactus CD featuring Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert. Also, Mike DiMeo has lent his powerful vocals to Riot's forthcoming album called Still Alive.



For more info visit THE LIZARDSofficial website: www.thelizardswebsite.com

Also check out the official Glenn Hughes website: www.glennhughes.com