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THE LIZARDS release new album "Cold Blooded Kings"

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

New Lizards CD – Cold Blooded Kings


Featuring ex-BOC/Rainbow/Riot – Bobby Rondinelli and Mike DiMeo


NYC – Hot off the heels of a successful tour of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, hard rock monsters The Lizards have just released their third CD Cold Blooded Kings – a rock and roll masterpiece that will surely satisfy the hardest of rockers! Pounding rhythms, solid funky bass lines, blazing guitar solos and vocals that can cut through the murkiest of metal, Cold Blooded Kings will no doubt prove to be one of the hottest releases of the year! As evident in their skillful songwriting and performance, The Lizards authentically follow the path laid by classic rock groups of the past – Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Free.


Drummer Bobby Rondinelli, who recently left Blue Oyster Cult to work full time with The Lizards, furiously pounds the skins whilst displaying some of the slickest chops known to man! “Cold Blooded Kings – I think it’s some of the best drumming I’ve done to date.”



Vocalist Mike DiMeo, formerly of the heavy metal group Riot, conjures up images of Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers and David Coverdale with his electrifying voice! “It’s the type of music I grew up listening to…the stuff that I first started gravitating to as a singer is what we’re doing in The Lizards.”



Bassist Randy Pratt, who proudly boasts the largest and most unique custom built bass collection in the world, is the rock and soul that holds the group together. His virtuosic bass playing is evident throughout the new album, as is his intense harp blowing! “The guys pushed me to step out on the bass this time, and I’m pleased with the results. Bobby’s drumming is incredible…it was like roller-skating through an earthquake!”



Guitarist Patrick Klein, who must have been reincarnated as a ‘70s rock guitar legend, plays with fluid innovation. His style and sound helps propel the group to new heights in performance! Klein also produces The Lizards – his position as studio whiz and guitarist is not unlike Jimmy Page’s role in Led Zeppelin. “I feel Cold Blooded Kings is our finest work to date. It marks the crossroads of where we have been and where we are headed.”



The Lizards Cold Blooded Kings is hard rock at its very finest – the band explores the depths of rock, metal, blues and soul. In the wake of their classic rock predecessors, The Lizards carry the torch in 2004, proving that they truly are ‘Cold Blooded Kings’!

(Watch for The Lizards on tour with legendary rocker Glenn Hughes, winter 2005)