The latest news from HYPNOS 69!

It's been a while ago, since the last newsletter, but the wait is over and here's what Steve from HYPNOS 69 had to tell:

Hi there! Now that the "Endless Summer" seems to come to an end, we think that it’s time for some HYPNOS 69 update, right?


First of all, we had a GREAT summer! Done a lot of gigs on fantastic events such as the Roadburn and the Swamproom festival. We went on a small tour in Sweden for a week or so, with soulmates Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra, which was a huge succes. We did some smaller local festivals and some bigger happenings in Germany and Austria.


In case you haven't got the chance to take a look at one of our concerts, no worries! We do some "after summer"-shows; places & dates can be retrieved from our website Notice that we've changed our webaddress, so update your bookmarks!


HYPNOS 69 also contributed to an Argentinian documentary-film on European rockmusic, which will be shown on the South-American Discovery Channel.Also check out the "video"-pages in the next month for a live-version from the King Crimson-cover "Starless", recorded live at Willem II, Den Bosch, Holland on June 17, 2005.


Since we had such a good time with our friends from the Circus Orchestra, we decided to work on a split 10"EP, to be released later this year. ElektroHasch is planning to release the vinyl-editions from "Timeline Traveller" and "The Intrigue of Perception" as well as the re-release of the "Timeline…"-CD, since it has been sold out for a while now.


Further touringplans: we do some gigs with LOS NATAS on their new European tour in October. We’re also planning some gigs in England late November. Check out the "tour"-pages on our website for more current updates or visit the ORANGE FACTORY-website!


And between all these gigs, we still manage to find some spare time to work on new material, to be recorded somewhere early next year, and released probably in April/May or so. Anyway, that’s it for now. Have a nice day and see you around!

Steve – HYPNOS 69

September 2005