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THE HURRICANEZ website is up 'n running!!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

In the footsteps of BOOGIEMAN a new band arise: THE HURRICANEZ - Rock 'n' Roll from Gothenburg / Sweden.

Here are some updates on what’s going on around THE HURRICANEZ:

* THE HURRICANEZ are spending time in the studio, recording four new songs. At this point drums, bass and Hellvis guitar is recorded. A few more days of recording and everything will be ready for mix. You will be able to find samples of these tracks at the bands web page in the nearest future.


* "Burn the street V: The final chapter" is released by Daredevil Records 06-06-2005. THE HURRICANEZ are contributing with their song “Get Away”. If you want a copy of this record go to this address and find out more. www.daredevilrecords.de


* THE HURRICANEZ will take a day of from the recording to do a show at Alléhuset in Kungsbacka on the 19th of May. So everyone who lives within a close range of Kungsbacka, join up with the rock n roll army!


* There are plans for THE HURRICANEZ to do a show at Sticky Fingers Top Floor on the 3rd of June. This is not yet fully confirmed and we expect to get more info in the upcoming week. This will be a great opportunity for everybody around Gothenburg to se the band on a suitable stage, kickin’ ass. More info is coming.


* The web page is up n running so please visit and leave your mark in the guestbook.