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THE HIDDEN HAND hits the road!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

Southern Lord recording artists THE HIDDEN HAND will be hitting the road on the upcoming MASTODON/BURNING BRIDES tour!

THE HIDDEN HAND will also be headlining a few shows on their way back home. Also of note is a show before the MASTODON tour in New York city with: OM (featuring the rhythm section from Sleep! record release show) and UNEARTHLY TRANCE. Check the tour-dates here!


THE HIDDEN HAND will be supporting their current release: "Mother, Teacher, Destroyer" which was released in late November 04' by Southern Lord. This album is a truly unique album that is a testament to their matchless craftmanship. It features the first studio performance by Scott WINO Weinrich (Saint Vitus, the Obsessed, Spirit Caravan) coming off his succesful collaboration with Dave Grohl and the Probot project. But make no mistake THE HIDDEN HAND is not just another Wino project, it is a strong, mega-lithic power trio. Soon to be announced, a leg of East Coast US dates with the almighty YOB! Stay tuned....