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THE GLASSPACK working on new album and more!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

A lot is happening in THE GLASSPACK camp, and it's up to you to check out the latest news from the Pack.

Attention Soldiers,

Alright, it's been a while but the Pack is back in full force, thus, it's time for anewsletter. First off, we'd like to welcome Jerry Cunningham (previously of Louisville band's Arch & Kinghorse) to the camp, taking over duties on bass and also now in charge of THE GLASSPACK booking. WELCOME JERRY! His new e-mail address is jerry[at]theglasspack.com for booking inquiries.  We have confirmed some shows and are working on others. We are proud to annouce that THE GLASSPACK  will be performing at the 4th Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville at the Excutive Bowling Alley at 911 Phillips Ln., right next tothe Kentucky State Fairgrounds. The Lebowski Fest celebrates the movie "The Big Lebowski." It features bowling comps, White Russians, celebrity appearances and takes place July 22-24. Also appearing the festival are They Might Be Giants and Louisville bands The Merediths & Lucky Pineapple. The Pack will be playing Saturday July 23 around 10 P.M. in the Graden Party outside. Admission to the party is only $5 and it starts around 3 P.M.. For more info, check out htttp://www.lebowskifest.com . For other GLASSPACK show dates, check out http://www.theglasspack.com/shows .


THE GLASSPACK is currently rehearsing and writing new material for a 2006 release. We are also in the process of seeking another guitar player so spread the word. Contact Dirty at dirtydave[at]theglasspack.com for more info on this. Other bits of news, Dirty has been sponsored by Fender, Brett is finishing his schooling for design, and Jerry may be selling his Laguna Super Sport. THE GLASSPACK is also looking for female model(s) for upcoming record art. Think you could be the next Mrs. Satan?, contact the Pack at theglasspack[at]theglasspack.com . Be prepared to send photos and what not. Also look for THE GLASSPACK in ESPN's pro baseball game for Playstation, YK5 Baseball. THE GLASSPACK can be found on MySpace now, which is updated regularly. Check out htttp://www.myspace.com/kentuckymotherfuckers for more.


That's it for now, so till next time, keep blowing shit up with those left-over firecrackers.

Over & out, THE GLASSPACK Administration