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THE GLASSPACK sells out first European gig


Attention, Happy New Year folks! We're going to jump right into this one by saying THE GLASSPACK is finally coming to Europe! Plane tickets have been purchased by the band and the guys are in the process of extensive training and Louisville shows. Unfortunate for some, the first and exclusive only European show THE GLASSPACK is headlining at the 2008 Roadburn Festival(Afterburner) sold out in one week in December! It sold out before the Pack even had a chance to inform people of ticket pre-sales on-line! The show is the last day of the Roadburn Festival at 013 Pop Centre in Tilburg, Holland on Sunday April 20, 2008. A full line-up of great bands from all over the world will warm the stage forthe Pack, including old buddies Sourvein from the States.

 The Pack enjoys every one of the bands that have been chosen to play the gig. Also on the Roadburn Festival are Celtic Frost, Trouble, Isis, Down, The Groundhogs, Boris, Witchcraft, Dixie Witch, The Heads, Mos Generator, and more. The festival is in it's 13th year and in the past has hosted such acts as Neurosis, Monster Magnet, Melvins, Big Business, Blue Cheer, and Hawkwind. "We've been trying to come to Europe for awhile. DJ Walter (Roadburn) and his partners are bringing us over. In return, we have promised toonly play this show for this trip to Europe. We are happy that our first European show is in Holland. The Dutch have always been into the Pack. Along with Walter, we'd also like to thank Bertus Distribution, Small Stone Records, 4 WallsRecords, and Stonerrock.com for spreading theword over there for years.

As for selling out in a week, I had no idea this would happen and I don't think Walter did either. But in the spirit of the great Louisville Lip, Muhammad Ali, I'll say this. "We're bad and we're fast.""-Dirty Dave Johnson, THE GLASSPACK (for more check www.roadburn.com ) In other news, THE GLASSPACK has willingly handed over a track for the upcoming "Road To Nowhere 2" Compilation on Poison Tree Records in Los Angeles, CA. The compilation is a follow upto last years first version that included Mondo Generator, Fu Manchu, and the Dwarves. Word has it that part 2 of the compilation will include tracks from Fatso Jetson, Ed Mundell of Monster Magnet, and the Chuck Dukowski Sextet. More infowill be available at www.poisontreerecords.com. THE GLASSPACK's 2002 Small Stone Records'release "Powderkeg" has been re-released on vinyl through Sleeping Village Records in Detroit this year. The damn thing sounds amazing and cover art by Mike Saputo is beautiful and enlarged. THE GLASSPACK is selling these at gigs and online.Sleeping Village is also selling them from their MySpace page. For info, check out www.myspace.com/sleepingvillagerecords .

Planning and brainstorming are underway with THE GLASSPACK and Louisville record label Noise Pollution. Noise Pollution has just celebrated it's 10th year of existence and at one timeworked with Dirty's band before the Glasspack, Blacklisted. THE GLASSPACK and the label are teaming up for a special one-off release in the near future. No specifics are ready for the street yet but the band says that they are looking forward to working with a Louisvillelabel again for something special. Noise Pollution has been supportive of most of Dirty's acts throughout. More information will become available at www.louisvillenoise.com .

That's all folks, the Glasspack Administration