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THE GLASSPACK live in Detroit

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The Glasspack has just confirmed a show opening for Monster Magnet and Five-Horse Johnson at The St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI on Thursday Oct. 7, 2004. For more info contact St. Andrews Hall.

Also, for those of you who want to bootleg a free good-sounding Glasspack show, the Glasspack played WFPK's "Live Lunch" series in Louisville about month ago live on public radio (all first-takes) and the whole entire set is available for download here:

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Broadband Users


In other news, members of the Glasspack have just finished taping a new reality show for VH1. We can't tell you much more but it will air sometime in late September. And for those of you interested in what the hell is going on with the Dirty Bird, 4 Walls Records is sending the new full-length "Dirty Bird/Here Lies Dirty Bird" to the pressing plant this month, a release date is not set yet. For more info, check http://www.4wallsrecords.com  .However, you can hear some of the music and see clips of the band playing the 2004 SXSW terrible One Bikes Party at the Ritz in Austin, the band in full costume, in the new Props Megatour BMX

DVD. For more info, check



And don't forget to check out Digital Joe's band, Iota, at the new website http://www.iotaslc.com . Of course, the Glasspack really dig this rockin SLC band. Please, for the life of the Pack, go pick up a copy of the new full-legnth "the Glasspack/Bridgeburner" from Ear-X-Tacy Records in Louisville, http://www.smallstone.com and http://www.stonerrock.com on the internet, and from the band whenever they play for you.Until next time, Rock Out with Your Cock Out,

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the Glasspack is a member of ASCAP