The end of DUSTER 69

After 9 years, 4 full-length CDs, 4 professional video-clips, 4 Splits and vinyl Singles and a lot of compilation contributions (Rock Hard Magazine Germany, People Like You Stoner compilation to mention a few) the guys decided to end the chapter of DUSTER 69. We are still proud about the last years and we want to thank all the fans and supporters from 1999-2008.
We say THANK YOU and you can order our farewell compilation 'Nothing Left' (unreleased and rare stuff from 1999-2008, fat full-coloured artwork, linernotes, guests appearances from Calamus, Disengage, Sparzanza, Mother Misery, Stonewall Noise Orchestra) for only 6 Euros right now. We 4 still rehearse and jam in our Studio, so far only to have fun, and maybe you will hear new music under a new name in the future.
And check out the videoclip 'Dustcrusher' from 2001 on
NOTHING LEFT (rare and unreleased stuff 1999-2007)

1) GOING INTO RED (2007, John from Mother Misery did the whole vocals on that version)

2) VIRGINITY OF LOVE (2002, unreleased)

3) RED-EYED DEVIL (1999, unreleased, guest vocals and guitar by Ralf and Jens from Calamus, recorded during the INTERSTELLAR BURST session)

4) INTRO / DUSTCRUSHER (2003, live, unreleased)

5) TORNADO 2007 (2007, unreleased, vocals by Jason from Disengage and Fred from Sparzanza)

6) NIGHTTRAIN (2006, unreleased, different vocals as on the ANGEL KING version)

7) PRIDE (2004, unreleased, Remixed for a Radio-single, recorded during the RIDE THE SILVER HORSES session)

8) BURN OUT (2002, unreleased)

9) MY SISTER`S DEMON (2002, unreleased)

10) IN THAT WAY (2002, unreleased)

11) BUSH (2002, unreleased)

12) BRING ME DOWN (2002, live, unreleased, old version)

13) HIGHWAY (1999, recorded under the name of Blacktop again with Jens and Ralf from Calamus during the INTERSTELLAR BURST session)

14) FIRST SONG (2004, unreleased, from the RIDE THE SILVER HORSES session)

15) NARCOTIC SHADES (2001, unreleased, from the "II" session)

16) DANCE (2001, unreleased)

17) LOST (2007, unreleased)


Jochen + Lucki + Schmiedl + Peter + Fio