THE CURSED attack North America!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

Goodfellow Records delivered the new CURSED video to Much Music last week and now we just have get them to actually play the video instead of it getting buried in the library forever.

So, what you can do is flood the people at Much Music with e mail requests for the video.  The video is for the song "Fatalist" and you can drop e mails to the people below to make it happen.  Blind Carbon Copy the folks at Goodfellow on the e mail and they will send you some free junk in the mail.  We want people to see something good on these shows.







After nearly 3 straight months of touring Holland, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, the UK, and all over Europe, the band settle down for a bit (like 2 days) and they're back on the road. Look out North America. Check out the tour-dates that continue from this week on until June in spurts througout the US and Canada and don't miss out if you can help it.