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THE COSMIC DEAD: European Tour And New Releases

This April the astral Glaswegian quartet known as The Cosmic Dead are set to embark on their first voyage overseas, reaching out to new heads and lands unknown on an extended exploratory mission across the European continent. Amongst the highlights of the trip are an appearance alongside Mars Red Sky and My Sleeping Karma at this year's Stone Rising Festival in Oullins, France on the 12th of April, a veritable indoor street party with fellow sonic experimentalists Gnod in Berlin, Germany on the 19th of April and a late night materialisation at this years premier pilgrimage to the riff; Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Holland on Saturday 20th of April. You will find all dates at this place.

The tour will also be a platform for these Scottish psychonauts to introduce a wealth of new material to all ye astronauts out there in the form of three new releases; 'Inner Sanctum', a massive slab of tweaked out, head-spinning, jammed out recordings set to limited edition cassette tape by Sheffield based label Evil Hoodoo. 'Live at the Note' a pretty much exactly as it says on the tin live recording from our base of operations and spiritual epicentre 'The 13th Note' in Glasgow, is also to be released on limited cassette tape by Stabbed In The Back Records. 'Orbiting Salvation', a collation of jams, drones and mythological mantras released by the band in limited edition subtly hand-made CD-R. Alongside the availability of new material comes a reawakening of old in editions of the acclaimed self-titled album and it's postliminary successor The Exalted King on super deluxe gatefold vinyl via Cardinal Fuzz and Cosmic Eye respectfully.

Here's a wee trailer video for our upcoming 'Live at the Note' release: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTmKonAVZqc 

As well as a video for our new song, Djamba : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KRO3fUlut0 

All this in 2013, the year no-one expected to happen.