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'The Black Tides of War'- RUSTED DAWN reveal album details

Eastern Canada's youngest masters of thrash, RUSTED DAWN have released their album art and their track listing for their upcoming album 'The Black Tides Of War'. The album artwork was handled by Ryan Patterson (Auxiliary Design / Coliseum)

The album is planned for a Summer 2009 release and fans can expect nothing but the finest from the new RUSTED DAWN album, "We've built on our constant need for speed and upped the heavy factor significantly, the songs are just as crushing as they are fast. Luke's hands were certainly pushed to the limit during the drum tracking on this one", commented guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Goddard, "There's a couple of older fan favorites in there from previous EP's but for the most part it's all new material... This will be the best representation of RUSTED DAWN to date."

Formed in 2004, RUSTED DAWN is a hail of speed emerging from the east coast of Canada. The group consists of the Goddard brothers, with Jeremy singing and playing guitar and Justin on lead guitar. Rounding out out the band is the rhythm section with Chad McMillan on bass and Luke Vautour on drums. Influenced by pretty much everything under the sun, the boys have played alongside infamous touring acts such as Fuck The Facts, The End, and Cancer Bats, as well as notable east coast heavyweights such as Gallactus, Iron Giant, Hellacaust and many others, with their most notable performance opening for Joey Belladonna of Anthrax fame in 2008.

They have two self-released EP's, 'The Toxic Shock E.P.' (2006) and & 'The Red Collar E.P.' (2008) and they have also appeared on the Diminished Fifth Records Compilation 'The Music of Artisanship & War: Volume 1'.


1. Prologue

2. Red Collar

3. Waking Streets

4. By The Hammer Of Thor

5. Derelict

6. Master Species

7. Stigmantis

8. Where Turns The Tide

9. I Am Becoming Death

10. The Black Tides Of War