TEKHTON: Gear stolen, please help!

In the night of 4 dec. thieves took a lot of our gear. Here's a list of everything that's missing:


- Gibson ‘Flying V’, color: brown picture It’s a Gibson Flying V cherry faded, with major wear and tear on the back of the neck. It’s a special edition with crescent moon figures on the fretboard. The guitar was in a Flying V suitcase with purple/pink fabric on the inside. The Volume know is missing it’s label

- Moog Theremin, special edition Cherry wood finish. picture

- ENGL Amplifier picture ENGL Fireball 60Watt 2 channel.

- Shure SM58 microfoon, inscription ‘BII’ picture


- Vox Tonelab ST picture - Electro Harmonix Memory Man with Hazarai picture

- Electro Harmonix POG2 picture

- Boss DD7, delay picture - Boss OC3, octaver picture

- LC Helicon ‘Voice Create’ picture

Other stuff:

- Patch- en other cables

- 2 universal adapters

- Extension cords

- Weekendbag with about 30 TEKHTON t-shirts and 25 TEKHTON CD’s ('Alluvial' and 'Summon the Core')  

If you have any info on the wherabouts of this stuff please contact the local police and/or info (at) tekhton (dot) com. Please repost this message to as many friends as possible.