Sweet Leaf Music Fest in Italy

The first heavy psych doom Fest in the south of Italy. In collaboration with the stoner rock portal Perkele.it, two days of rawk and roll in Benevento, at CSA Depistaggio - July 25 and July 26, a double special show with the cream of the Italian scene.

Friday 25:

BLACK RAUNBOWS www.myspace.com/blackrainbowsrock

UNDERDOGS www.myspace.com/underdogstown

TEVERTS www.myspace.com/tevertsmusic

GODWATT REDEMPTION www.myspace.com/godwattredemption

TOM BOSLEY www.myspace.com/tombosleyproject

Saturday 26:

DOOMRAISER www.myspace.com/doomraiser

MIDRYASI www.myspace.com/midryasi

LOST MOON www.myspace.com/lostmoonband

L'IRA DEL BACCANO www.myspace.com/iradelbaccano

CHAOS CONSPIRACY www.myspace.com/chaosconspiracyband

CIRCLE OF WITCHES www.myspace.com/circleofwitches

MU www.myspace.com/muort

I love you sweet leaf, though you can't hear!

Sweet Leaf Music Fest
July 25 and 26
CSA Depistaggio - Via Mustilli