Supernatural Cat Release Update: INCOMING CEREBRAL OVERDRIVE; Limited UFOMAMMUT and LENTO LPs


In 2003, the band released a self-produced demo that helped break them quickly into the local show circuit and also in the media, earning the Top Demo from Metal Hammer Magazine and more. In August 2006 their debut album 'Cerebral Heart' (recorded at Fear Studio, mixed by Kurt Ballou) was released on Italian label Myphonic Records, gaining the band quite a bit of attention all over Europe.

Now it's time for 'Controverso'… the next evolution in ICO’s destructive lineage. 'Controverso' represents a new impulse of uncontrollable nature. Constructed of eight tracks, the album evolves through a conscious musical growing, breathing with the innovative soul of experimental music. Originating from the Mastodonic approach to the riff, wholly rooted in a hardcore attitude, and overall developing in something rather unique and multiform, their furious dynamics, searing vocals, 70s Italian Prog reminiscence, and psychedelic aesthetic show ICO’s will to experiment on continuously mutating song structures.


1. Reflections / 2. Oxygen / 3. Controversial / 4. Science / 5. Magic / 6. Sound / 7. Colours 8. There

'Controverso' will be released in September in a very limited edition packaging, hand-printed by Malleus, with colored LP and CD; final release date and promo copies will be available soon.


Also available from Supernatural Cat now via mailorder only:

UFOMAMMUT 'snailking' limited edtion

Coming soon…. The double LP limited edition, super deluxe, handmade edition of UFOMAMMUT’S massive 'Snailking' release, printed by Malleus. Pressed on heavyweight 180-gram transparent wax, the record has been remastered for this version, resulting in a crushingly intense tone. This 'Snailking' version is strictly limited to 100 copies and it's a "MUST HAVE" for any record collector. This version differs from the black vinyl version. Witness the beauty of this amazing pressing here:

LENTO 'Earthen' limited edition

LENTO’s organic earthmover 'Earthen' will be repressed in very limited LP versions as well. There are only 200 pieces on black 180-gram vinyl, and a more limited version with 100 copies on red wax. All the packaging was designed and hand-printed by Malleus, of course. See the pressing coming to life here: