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SUN PREACHERS To Release New Album

SUN PREACHERS is a heavy / classic rock band from Bordeaux, France, and they've just released their brand new album, 'Faces of Ashes'. These songs are listenable and available here : http://sunpreachers.bandcamp.com/ 

The band is looking for a label, so the album is only available under mp3/FLAC files.

Some informations about SUN PREACHERS : Founded in 2006 in Bordeaux, France, the band plays a kind of mix of the 70's hard rock mixed with more obscure bands, from Black Sabbath and Captain Beefheart to Sir Lord Baltimore and Edgar Broughton Band. After the recording of a first unreleased demo, 'Beauty of Perversion' in 2009, the band is releasing a brand new album, 'Faces of Ashes' in May 2012.


Lineup :

Nicolas Eymerich: vocals

Joel Riffard: guitar

Quentin Aberne: bass

Boris Senon: drums

Nicolas Armendariz: keyboards