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STONE AXE Squelch Break-Up Rumors, Band on Writing Hiatus

As is typical in rock n’ roll, the rumor mill has been churning and grinding the truth into a semblance of its original form. Since returning from a highly successful tour of the UK and parts of Europe in April, Stone Axe fans have been receiving some mixed messages about the future of these classic rock preservationists. After two Deluxe CD re-issues, a live album, and several years of constant road work, the chief songwriters of the band realized that they needed a break to keep things fresh. So, they put Stone Axe on hiatus for a short while.

Tony Reed, after catching wind of the purported news, posted this statement on the bands website to help clarify the issue:

“Since getting back from the UK/Europe tour in April Dru & I have been taking some time to step outside of Stone Axe and work on some other projects. Dru has been working on a project with Steve Holt from 36 Crazyfists called Cokewulf (Facebook/Cokewulf) and I have been doing a lot of work mixing and mastering bands and also working on the new Mos Generator (Facebook/MosGenerator) album. None of this means there won't be any new Stone Axe. After three years of going full-on, we just need a little break. There are already a few songs recorded for the next record and many more to come. Right now we are riding on the two releases that we hope will keep the listeners satisfied until we can get a new album out. The Stone Axe II: Deluxe & Stone Axe: Captured Live! releases are jam packed full of previously unreleased material and well worth the money. Give 'em a spin and let us know what you think.”

Look for Stone Axe to return in the near future, but in the meantime, enjoy the bands vast catalog of releases, and look for brand new material from Mos Generator and Cokewulf!