Psychedoomelic is proud to announce the following tour. Here are some infos about both bands:

STEREOCHRIST is traditional Doom-metal with very strong Black Sabbath and Down hints. This band is more or less is the follow-up of the these days disbanded cult band Mood. They mix a more bluesy, and southern rock atmosphere with solid trad. Doom-metal and any fan of Mood should for sure check out this band as well. For those of you who are into guitar oriented bluesy, thick sounding doom-rock. Fans of bands like Pentagram, DOWN must take note!


METHADRONE from the USA play a chugging style of slow doom, with a touch of industrial-like influences. The sound is cold, sludgy, and crushing; with an eerie atmosphere... yet surprisingly melodic at times; while at other times hinting at an even doomier Autopsy, Godflesh, and Incantation. Fans of this type of sound should give Methadrone a listen. Highly recommended.


Here are the tour-dates!