SPIDER To Release New Single

Sweden's SPIDERS release the new single 'Weekend Nights', taken from their forth-coming album 'Flash Point'.

'Weekend Nights', the title track, is a catchy up-tempo rock tune. 'Lies', on the b-side, is a cover originally written and performed by Sweden’s garage heroes The Strollers and is exclusively to be found on this single.

SPIDERS create their music and looks with the early 70’s heavy rock in mind. They’ve, together with the producers of the forth-coming album Per Stålberg and Olle Björk, taken a huge step into the present time and created a nicely modern sound but at the same time kept the 70’s rock sound as foundation. The recordings have been mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes at Svenska Grammofonstudion.

SPIDERS was formed in the early 2010. Since then the band has release records on American Kemado Records and Valley King Records and Swedish De:Nihil Records and Crusher Records. Thanks to their fantastic live appearances they’ve built a dedicated crew of fans and been praised by various magazines such as Record Collector, Rumore and Shindig!. 'Weekend Nights' is the single from the forth-coming album 'Flash Point', to be released later this year, and offers a taste of what to come. 'Weekend Nights' will be released digitally and and on 7-inch vinyl on the 7th of September by Crusher Records.