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Check out the following news: upcoming THRONES album / SUNN O))) in the studio / upcoming EARTH album and tour-dates.

THRONES "Day Late, Dollar Short" SUNN 39/CD/ RELEASE DATE MAY 31ST!!!



Earth 1990-1991

Played bass on Extra-Capsular Extraction (Earth 1). Album released in 1991 on Sub Pop Records.

Melvins 1991-1992

Handled bass duties on the following releases: Lysol (Studio Album), Nightgoat (Single). Not to mention a solo Ep that was released along with Buzzo and Dale's. Also featured on the DVD "Salad Of A Thousand Delights".

The Whip 2001-2002

Played guitar in this band with former members of Karp. The Whip picks up exactly where Karp left off. This band was made up of two thirds of Karp and 100% of Joe Preston!

Thrones 1996-Present

This is the solo project of Joe Preston. Thrones features all instruments. Including bass, drums, vocals and synth performed by Joe Preston. Thrones first surfaced many of the cassette only releases on the Punk In My Vitamins label. The "Reddleman" 7" soon followed, and after a split single with Behead the Profit. Thrones then signed to Communion and released the 1996 full length "Alraune" The next few years saw Joe join up with Kill Rock Stars to release a single "The Suckling", a few compilation, appearences and in the spring of 2000 the Sperm Whale EP was released.


"The Spermwhale" EP was later released on CD with the White Rabbit EP. Thrones have nearly played every city, suburb, and podunk area in the entire United States. SunnO))) 2002-2004 Invited by Greg Anderson and Stephen O' Malley to record on both SunnO))) albums "White 1" and "White 2" which were both released by Southern Lord Recordings. Played a multitude of instruments on these albums including bass, vocals and drum machine programming. Joined SunnO))) for many shows in Europe and some in North America. High On Fire 2004-Present Joined Relapse recording artists High On Fire for their Summer 2004 tour. Also played bass on the latest recording Blessed Black Wings which Produced by Steve Albini. Now an "Official Member" and currently completing a headlining North American tour. Next on the itinerary will be to pound some more pavement including a North American tour supporting Lamb Of God and Opeth. About This Upcoming Thrones Release many of the tracks on Day Late, Dollar Short are taken from hard to find previous Thrones releases. The album also features some very rare and previously unreleased tracks. Beautiful packaging designed by Stephen O' Malley with humorous anecdotes / liner notes by the man himself. Priority numero uno for the label who is at the forefront of all things extremely heavy. This is the first official Thrones release in five years.




SUNN 0))) In the studio with Xasthur!!

1. Where: Donner & Blitzen studios //Arcadia, CA. There is a huge Hearse in the back waiting for us to die.


2. Who: ENGINE-EARED: Matthias Schneeberger (mofo did Grimm Robes, Flight of the Behemoth, as well as the fucking " Church Within", "V", and " Lunar Womb".)


3. Who else: Besides the orthodox 0))) Cavemen, aka: Mystik Fogg Invokator (Greg Anderson), and MK Ultra Blizzzzzzzzard (Stephen O'Malley). Fucking Malefic aka Xasthur came into the studio yesterday and layed down layrers of Icy BM guitar and sikk fukked vokills. His presence inspired mucho darkness. He also did some keyboards and guitars at his house for another track we left with him a few months back. A couple days back while in San Francisco, MK and myself got Wrest aka Leviathans' track/contribution to a rough mix we had given him a few months back. The results are petrifying... total evil atmospheric vokills over a track that we did that features faster more aggressive slaying.


4. What: We had already tracked about 6-7 "pieces" in the desert with Scott Reeder (00 Void), we brought those to Snoobs studio (as mentioned above) to fuk and tweak with. We "discovered" that the sounds in this studio were unbelieavably monstous so we have re-tracked alot of the material, and tracked other shit to add to previously recorded material. Bass-ically alot of different textures and layers to mess with. I honestly cant wait to unleash this album. I have no doubt in my mind that it will be the darkest and heaviest album we have ever released. Yeah I fucking know...every band says this when they got a new album coming out (ie...'ITS OUR BEST ALBUM YET') well this may not be our best (opinions differ greatly) but it will be our heaviest. Thus far:

+ Candlegoat (SOMA on bass!!!!!) and Xasthur on guitar)

+ Weeping Ash (w/ Leviathan on Vokills)

+ Cry For the Weeper (w/ Xasthur on keys and  guitar)

+ Orthodox Caveman  (SOMA on bass!! )

+ Bathori (A Tribute to MNMTN) (SOMA on bass)

+ Cursed Realms of the Winter Demons (Immortal Lyrics with Xasthur on Vokills, Mysitk Fogg on Detuned Lawn Mower, Lead Noise: SOMA)

for photos please visit:



New EARTHRIDE album!!

The band just finished up in the studio with Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity)!  10 brutal, whiskey-soaked, southern-fried, primitive beatings!  The album "Vampire Circus" will be released in November via Southern Lord.


LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR tour-dates and video!!

These beastly warriors of metal are taken the carnage on the road, dates here!!!. They also just finished their first video for "the Wolf", visual aggression can be witnessed here:




TWILIGHT - s/t debut sickness will be unleashed soon!!

Audio is being mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer) at the moment. Expect nothing but darkness...

Twilight is: Wrest (Leviathan), Azentrius (Nachtmystium), Imperial (Krieg), Malefic (Xasthur) and Hildolf (Draguar).


EARTH working on new album!! 

Legendary guitar player: Dylan Carlson and drummer Adrienne Davis are currently in the studio with Randall Dunn (Kinski, Asva) putting the final dark touches on their first studio album in 10 years. Expect a different shade of darkness from EARTH on this one. As heavy as anything they've done in years, but heavy in a very different way. Dylan Carlson said: "We're gonna put the Southern back in Southern Lord", and:" the sound can be described as" Black Americana". This very special album will be released by Southern Lord in September.


THE HIDDEN HAND tour-dates!!

The amazing powerhouse trio are out touring again, in support of the album Terrorizer said: "Cult rock historians of the future will envy us for having been alive when this album came out" about. Check out the dates here....



BORIS album released in the US!!

Their acclaimed Akuma No Uta album is finally available in the US!