SOURVEIN - the Emerald Vulture has arrived!

New Orleans will rise again, and SOURVEIN's "Emerald Vulture" EP is a testament to that fact. T-Roy and SOURVEIN are back with a revamped lineup and the first of a trilogy of mini-albums to be released by This Dark Reign over the next few months.


SOURVEIN came crawling into the East Coast / Southern underground in late 1992 with a single mission; to become one of the heaviest and most tour worn bands in America. Mission accomplished!


Inspired by heavy-weights like The Accused, Motorhead, Saint Vitus, Black Flag and early COC, SOURVEIN took the DIY approach with their vision and created a lurking monster of audible despair and a word-of-mouth campaign that continues to build a cult-like following.


Between the years 1993-1994, SOURVEIN would release two demos and tour both the East Coast and deep South on five separate occasions. By 1995, the band finally caught the attention of a label and the split 7" single with Buzzov-en was released entitled "Another Day in a Lost Life." That release would not only help boost both bands in their musical endeavors, but it also helped to create a lasting personal relationship that has lasted years.


Not long after the split single's release, both bands hit the road and were tour partners for most of the year. 1996 would also see T-roy final Medlin joining Buzzov-en as a second vocalist and programmer until the bands demise in 1999.


In 1998, the band relocated from their Northern Carolina homestead to the tattered and muddy streets of New Orleans, Louisiana. Since then, SOURVEIN have been a Mardi Gras favorite for the past 8 years. Sourvein, though a favorite across the country, the band never seemed to strike up a deal with any labels to release an actual record. Stunning, since the band was a guaranteed sell-out everywhere they played and people were clamoring for anything the band could offer up other than live gigs. The rarely seen split or compilation simply wasn't satisfying the masses any longer.


In 1999, SOURVEIN signed a brief, but fruitful deal with the now defunct Game Two Records and the bands self-titled debut release would finally hit the streets. More touring ensued and the band continued to move up the proverbial music food-chain touring North America and being asked to tour both Europe and Japan. Unfortunately, not long after the release of their long-awaited debut, Game Two would go belly up and the band would be forced to find a new home. That new home came (and went) quickly when Frank Kozik of Mans Ruin came knocking. Then, as to add insult to injury, while the guys were out developing the next record, Mans Ruin would also go belly up leaving the guys high and dry yet again.


SOURVEIN' luck would finally take a turn for the better while performing in Hollywood. A chance meeting with Greg Anderson of Southern Lord paved the way for a new record deal and Will to Mangle was finally released in 2003.

Critically and consumer acclaimed, the album topped many a list and the band was perched to dominate an ever-growing popularity with the new heavy music scene.


2005, SOURVEIN contact This Dark Reign Recordings about working together and the wheels are set in motion for the release of Emerald Vulture. The first in a series of three new EP's by the band. SOURVEIN enter Sniper Studio's in

Virginia and crank out their heaviest work to date. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina hits and delays and demoralizes the band (and a nation) and the record is delayed. After the wounds begin to heel and while T-roy is in North Carolina visiting family, another hurricane hits and levels a lot of areas in that state. Disaster after disaster happens, but Sourvein are true survivors. "Emerald Vulture" is finally released and the band sets forth todominate the heavy music scene once again. With National and International tours in the works, SOURVEIN is poised to take control and take over.