Small Stone Records To Release LARMAN CLAMOR's New Album 'Frogs'

"Ree-bit"... "Ree-bit"... "Ree-bit"... That's how it started. And then they got in... and they kept hauntin' me...

LARMAN CLAMOR is proud to announce the release of the new album 'Frogs' on Detroit Michigan's one and only Small Stone Records! Out September 25 on LP and October 9 on CD! The vinyl comes as a deluxe edition, featuring a heavy cardboard gatefold packaging, swamp colored vinyl in one flap and an illustrated, full-color 20page LP-sized artbook in the other, with lyrics and an illustration for every song! Limited to 400 pieces worldwide! Hand numbered!

The CD variant features a 16page booklet, with exerpts of the illustrations! Go get yerselves sum and pre-order now! Available on  or your local Amazon...

Turn up the Clamor! & Thanks for your support!

Alex -- "Boogie on!"