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Small Stone Records: New Update

The fine folks over at United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN just told us that they will finally get to pressing that new Roadsaw album on wax this week. It is going to be another 180g limited edition kinda thing, half ofn black and the other half on clear blue... We will have pictures for you the day it hits the press. And, if you pre-ordered the new Roadsaw vinyl, we will be shipping those out sometime in the next two weeks! Next up on wax, Tia Carrera 'Cosmic Priestess' (June), Lo-Pan 'Salvador' (July), Ironweed 'Your World Of Tomorrow' (August). In the meantime, we do have the CDs in stock of all the above, and they all sound damn good too!

As for studio news/ updates, the new albums from Dixie Witch, Backwoods Payback, Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned, and Freedom Hawk are scheduled to be mixed in June and July, and they will be hitting the streets starting in August - November (one per month), so we have our second half of the year release schedule finally starting to take shape.... The majority of these four gems will be coming out on both cd and vinyl, the one exception will be the Gideon album for the time being, as it is currently onyl scheduled for the CD and digital release.

On the touring front, Both Lo-Pan and Backwoods Payback are gearing up to drive around in their gas guzzling vans and blow the roof off of whatever club is in your town. BP gets started on May 13th in Harrisonburg, VA at the Crayola House, and the Lo-Pan boys will kick it off on May 18th in Pittsburgh, PA at the 31st Street Pub. For all of the Tour Dates (click the link junior), And, if you live in Europe, Five Horse Johnson will be hitting your shores next month after they have done their two "warm up" shows in Toloeo, OH and Detroit, MI on May 20th and 21st. View all dates HERE.


Scott H. (Small Stone HQ)