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SIENA ROOT: 'Different Realities' is out now

The monumental 4:th album is out now. It's an album of two musical pieces, where side A is leaning more to the electric side of SIENA ROOT, and side B more to the acoustic. The tracks are:

WE 25:33


The CD has been mastered straight from the original tapes, comes in a digipack and will hit the shops today. It is also possible to order it right now from Transubstans Records. The vinyl will be ready just in a few weeks and will provide the ultimate analogue experience. SIENA ROOT is proud to present a vinyl that gives you sounds that have never passed a single digital device! Release will be soon on Clearspot's own label Headspin Records.

The musicians on the new album are:

Sam Riffer - bass, double bass, darbuka

KG West -guitars, sitar, organ, rhodes, synthesizers, tzouras

Love "Billy" Forsberg - drums, duf, qaraqab, tambourine, bells gong, darbuka

Anna Sandberg - recorders, rauschpfeife, vocals, tambourine

Tängman - electric & acoustic hurdy gurdy, tambourine

Janet Jones Simmonds - lead vocals