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Shadow Kingdom Records To Release CD Version Of REVELATION's 'Inner Harbor'

REVELATION have been around for ages and have earned the respect of many bands and fans from all around the world for virtually creating the Progressive Doom Metal genre. They’ve taken the very best sounds of Rush, Black Sabbath, and early Heavy Metal and have created yet another masterpiece with 'Inner Harbor'.

This is probably their most fluid and laid-back release to date. It’s hard to describe the sound here, but if you start with classic REVELATION, mixed in with a dash of 70’s Italian Progressive Rock, that will get you close to what they’ve created here. The music flows through you so smoothly and freely, that you’re going to feel like you’re in a state of deep relaxed meditation.


Inner Harbor Track Listing:

1. Inner Harbor

2. Terribilita

3. Rebecca at the Well

4. Eve Separated

5. Jones Fall

6. An Allegory of Want


The CD version of 'Inner Harbor' will be released in April 2013 via Shadow Kingdom Records.