Shadow Kingdom Records Release Schedule

Here's an overview of the next releases from Shadow Kingdom Records, that is without doubt one of the best doom / heavy metal label on this earth. Here we go:

SKR037DCD - DEEP SWITCH - Nine Inches Of God (Double CD) is finally complete. This is my biggest booklet to date. I believe it's 32 pages filled with info and dry humor. I know this sounds strange. The release date is going to be 09/14/10. 

SKR038CD - REVELATION - Never Comes Silence (CD) is almost complete. There's going to be a slightly different cover art because the artwork was lost from the old Hellhound label. So hopefully you all will like it. Tons of bonus as an Enhanced CD. Release date: 10/12/10

SKR039DCD - CRISIS (not sure of the title yet), but this will compile the 'Armed To The Teeth' (1984) & 'Kick It Out' (1985) albums + a bonus disc of all their unreleased material. We were able to find and salvage the master tapes and do a direct dump from the master tapes. There's some small glitches from how old everything is, but this sounds much better than what was given to me originally (which was a dump from an original cassette). 80's obscure US Metal.

SKR022DLP - ARGUS - s/t Double LP with 2 bonus tracks not included on the CD version.

Future release dates that have yet to be determined:

SKR040CDDVD IRON MAN - Generation Void. Everytime I go back and listen to this album, I might think it's the best IRON MAN. Anyway this will have 4 bonus songs of what they demoed back then. The DVD will be filled with cool footage from around that same time period. More news to come soon regarding this release.

SKR041CD CASSLE - s/t. 70's/80's Progressive Heavy Metal from the USA. Dreamy and mystical sounding.

These bands are recording albums in 2010 and will probably come out 2011 unless they hurry up. Next year looks pretty doomy. Can't go wrong with that....

CARDINALS FOLLY -  (writing now)  (recording finished)

DEMON'S GATE - (recording now) 

DOOMED BEAST - (recording now)

PALE  (recording in Oct.)

PALLBEARER -  (recording now)

ALTAR OF OBLIVION -  (writing now)

Next year, you can expect new albums from ARGUS, SINISTER REALM, IRON MAN and REVELATION. Stay tuned!