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Shadow Kingdom Records Presents: CORSAIR

It takes an awful lot to "wow" Shadow Kingdom Records. When we come across something as special as Corsair, it stops us in our tracks and we allow ourselves to be completely hypnotized by the amazing sounds this Progressive Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal band is making. We can't remember the last time we've been completely destroyed by a band virtually appearing out of thin air. We've always been in love with the sounds of Heavy Rock and early Heavy Metal from the 70's and that's where we should start to describe their sound.

Their sounds stems from Thin Lizzy, but it doesn't stay there very long because like all great Progressive bands, they twist and turn you in all sorts of directions. The mood is very soothing, yet psychedelic with a dash of space rock. We are 100% confident in the abilities of this band that they should be loved on a much larger scale than most bands because they have that cross over appeal that can not only grab the attention of hard core heavy metal fans, but this could easily grab casual radio-fed rock fans too. It's THAT catchy, it's THAT good. We're blown away and you will be too.




Release Date: January 15, 2013


1. Agathyrsi

2. Chaemera

3. Falconer

4. Gryphon Wing

5. Path of the Chosen Arrow

6. Mach

7. Of Kings and Cowards

8. The Desert


Downloaders can get it NOW. Or just check it out for yourself at the SKR bandcamp site and you'll see how incredible this album really is!