Selfmadegod Records new release assault

CRIPPLE BASTARDS 'Age Of Vandalism' Boxset coming this summer on Selfmadegod

Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the release of CRIPPLE BASTARDS’ 'Age Of Vandalism' complete demos four-CD boxset this summer. This deluxe digipak boxset features remastered versions of ALL of the CRIPPLE BASTARDS’ releases from 1988 to 1993, plus an incredible amount of unreleased tunes, and draws the complete history of the Bastards on tape. This will include the four official demos, the split 7” with Violent Headache (with extra unreleased tracks!), and basically HOURS of unreleased noise including pre-CRIPPLE BASTARDS thrash from 1986/87!

In September of 2008 Feto Records released their 'Variante All Morte' album too, and their 'Misantropo A Senso Unico' (2000) reached the 6th position of Terrorizer Magazine’s Top-20 European Grindcore releases. The band was featured in the Grindcore Specials of both Decibel and Terrorizer Magazines.

A jump back to the late-1980s/early 1990s DIY noisecore spirit made by tape traders, cult labels, and ear-damaging bands releasing zillions of tracks on terrific lo-fi demos, not giving a damn about studio production and “I can’t hear the snare”-type pedant asses, 'Age Of Vandalism' contains 1,036 songs - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

'Age Of Vandalism' is due to be released in Europe on July 16th, 2009. This release is strictly limited to 1,000 numbered copies and can be pre-ordered at this location:


CD version of STORMCROW / MASSGRAVE split on Selfmadegod

Selfmadegod Records is happy to announce the release of the STORMCROW / MASSGRAVE split CD! Originally released on LP on the MASGRAVE European 2008 tour, it’s now time for CD version. The Bay Area’s STORMCROW are one of the best stench-core (that’s the way it’s called nowadays) bands in the world, along with groups like Sanctum, Hellshock or Limb from Limb. They have taken the sound of Axegrinder, Hellbastard, Prophecy of Doom, Amebix, Bolt Thrower, Deviated Instinct and more, swallowed them and then given birth to an even more brutal heavy sounding hellspawn!

MASGRAVE hail from Vancouver, Canada, and have beein infesting the scene since 2004 with several records, and each one is always more brutal than the previous one. This is grind and even death metal-fueled crust. Think Disrupt crossed with a pneumatic hammer: fast, violent, heavy! The STORMCROW / MASSGRAVE split is due to be released on July 6th, 2009; you can pre-order this great piece of crust at:


BLOOD I BLEED 'Gods Out Of Monsters' album coming soon on Selfmadegod

Selfmadegod Records is pleased to release the long-awaited first full-length of Dutch madmen BLOOD I BLEED. The album, entitled 'Gods Out Of Monsters', consists of 23 super-fast tracks of high-speed octane thrash/punk/grind. All GO, NO slow, with blistering, merciless blasts strongly influenced by Heresy, Hellnation, and Intense Degree. The artwork was handled by Nabbe (Insult) who previously did work for bands like Regurgitate, Collision, and Reproach. 'Gods Out Of Monsters' will be released July 6th, 2009; the album can be pre-ordered now at:


Extended version of DEAD INFECTION’s 'Corpses Of The Universe' out now

Poland’s Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the release of DEAD INFECTION’s new MCD! After playing the Auditory Assault Fest in Brooklyn, New York, in May of 2009 with BRUTAL TRUTH, GADGET, ROTTEN SOUND, MISERY INDEX and others, DEAD INFECTION is slaughtering again with its latest offering. Originally intended to be a split with MORTICIAN (U.S.), things didn’t work out for a variety of reasons and it was decided to release the material as a stand alone MCD/EP. This release also marks the first time since 'Surgical Disembowelment' that the band has used actual lyrics in the songs. The CD includes a re-recorded song from the 'Start Human Slaughter' demo, a bonus track that is not featured on the Obliteration version (a cover of MORTICIAN’S “Bloodcraving”), and two video tracks. This amazing MCD is housed in three-panel digipak.


1. Alpinist 2. Saponification 3. Brain Hero 4. Attractive But Deformed 5. Corpses of The Universe 6. Too Scratched 7. Peritonitis 2007 8. Burglary 9. Bloodcraving

Bonus multimedia videos:

1. Burglary 2. After Accident

DEAD INFECTION will play the Obscene Festival, July 16-18 at Svojsice in the Czech Republic, with NAPALM DEATH, BLOOD DUSTER, BIRDFLESH, MACHETAZO, DESECRATION and others; and the S’thrash’ydlo Fest in Ciechanów, Poland, July 18, 2009. In the meantime, 'Corpses Of The Universe' MCD (digi) is available at this location: