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SEAMOUNT's album for free download

SEAMOUNT is a doom/rock/metal band joining the writing talents of Tim Schmidt from Germany and the USA's Philip Swanson (Upwards of Endtime, Hour of 13, Vestal Claret, Earthlord, x-Atlantean Kodex). Together with the help of Markus"Öhi"Ströhlein on bass they have been working for more than a year at delivering the "new torch of doom rock" style of SEAMOUNT with 9 songs which will soon be released as a free download. This download release is a complete interactive folder with extensive original artwork, lyrics and audio. Shortly after the download release appears online these song will be released on a limited 12" vinyl pressing at Merciless-Records.

Tim and Phil have formed a very close bond while working together in SEAMOUNT and feel this sharing of imaginations shows throughout the works of SEAMOUNT. In addition to SEAMOUNT Tim and Phil have created the acoustic side project "II" that will be releasing material sometime in 2008. They hope to share the music of "II" not only on CD but also live in the US in the fall months of 2008 with a small string of shows in the Northeast United States.