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S:t ERIK's 'From Under The Tarn' EP Gets The Vinyl Treatment

Swedish doom metal rockers S:t Erik finally get to see a vinyl release for their 'From Under The Tarn' album. This amazing 5-track EP was somehow tossed to the wayside when it was first released back in '09, and didn't receive the attention from doom metal fans that it quite deserved.

S:t Erik's 'From Under The Tarn' has been resurrected from the dead thanks to Spora Recordz (Austin, TX). Spora has just released 'From Under The Tarn' on a 12" clear vinyl double LP gatefold edition. This will be a limited run so get em while they last. To purchase this record or to read more about S:t Erik, please visit www.sporarecordz.com 


Artist: S:t Erik

Album: From Under The Tarn

Label: Spora Recordz


Track listing:

1. Goddess 6:59

2. The Search 11:33

3. Your Highness 9:04

4. Black Wall 7:19

5. Swan Song 13:35


Link to streaming music: http://sporarecordz.bandcamp.com/album/from-under-the-tarn 

Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGm1oX_mFmg