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Ripple Music: Upcoming Releases

Heavy Ripples, the double 7" gatefold release with Stone Axe, Sun Gods in Exile, Grifter, and Mighty High is out and getting killer reviews. We're in the planning stages for Heavy Ripples vol. 2, so you may expect Mos Generator and Gideon Smith and the Dixie Damned, and a couple more to be named.

The new Iron Claw album, first major release by the 70's underground doom/raw blues legends, is in the final mixing/mastering stages by none other than Tony Reed, as is the brand spanking new Grifter full-length. Expect both those out this summer!

Mighty High is rounding up their stuff also for a summer release of frenzied high-energy rock.

Songs are coming in for 'Stone Axe III' and we're planning a 'Deluxe Collectors Edition of 'Stone Axe II' just like we did with 'Stone Axe I', which (hopefully) will feature an entire live disc recorded on their most recent tour; That 'Stone Axe' I reissue is buzzing out the doors, so if you're interested, you may want to stop by Ripple and pick one up.

10 year anniversary issue of the first Mos Generator coming out on vinyl soon and hopefully some new stuff to follow.

And we got a total redesign, remaster, with new songs of the latest Poobah album, 'Peace Farmers' in the works.; Our vinyl/CD reissue of Poobah's second album, 'US Rock' is slated for 2012, which will be another 2xLP freakout of Poobah rock. First pressing of Poobah's 'Let Me In' already sold out so we've gone back to press to keep up with the demand.

Finally, for prog fans, Fen is opening up for Blackfield at the end of this month, and we're planning on following that up with a vinyl edition of their critically acclaimed, 'Trails out of Gloom'.

Working overtime here at Ripple Central to bring you guys some killer music. And folks, we really appreciate all your support.

Peace, Ripple Music, LLC.