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Ripple Music: Release Schedule 2011

In light of the success that we’ve seen here at Ripple Music over the last year, we wanted to look into our crystal balls and take a stab at what we see for the coming year, and then pass these findings on to you . . . the ever vigilant fan of heavy music! 2010 saw the label release seven titles, and 2011 is promising an even greater growth. Since the first release in June, Ripple Music has welcomed two additional acts to the family and has plotted out these follow up releases:

Scheduled for release in early April, we’re looking at a deluxe CD re-issue of the STONE AXE debut album with bonus live material, and a companion DVD featuring promotional videos and tons of live footage highlighting the bands epic performances. This re-issue will be released in conjunction with the bands trek across the Atlantic to tour the UK and parts of Europe that will culminate with their appearance at 2011’s Roadburn Festival in Holland.

While we’re on the topic of STONE AXE, word has come down from Tony Reed that the band is hammering away at material for a new album. No date has been set on the release, though initial discussions have us looking at a late summer street date.

Also featuring STONE AXE, we’ll be releasing the Heavy Ripples compilation double 7”, which will include the return of Brooklyn-based stoner-fied punks MIGHTY HIGH, the introduction of blues-based retro rockers from the UK, GRIFTER, and on loan from the incomparable Small Stone Records, SUN GODS IN EXILE. The 7” will be packaged in a double gatefold jacket featuring the glorious artistic touch of Wayne Braino Bjerke. Expect to see this monstrous beast of sonic debauchery in April.

Speaking of GRIFTER, the band is partnering up with Ripple Music to release their upcoming album! The band is currently putting the wraps on the recording of new material and both parties are shooting to have the CD (vinyl?) released in May. A UK tour and potential U.S. tour are in the works in support of the as of yet unnamed album, though odds are, it will probably be self-titled.

Being that we talk with Tony Reed on a near daily basis, we have some information pertaining to another Reed project that has us rejoicing in our sleep. We’re looking at re-releasing the first MOS GENERATOR album as a deluxe 10 year anniversary edition. The details are still being worked out in regards to time frame and content, but much like the deluxe STONE AXE CD, expect there to be some great bonus material to be included in this package.

On the doom metal front, is arm locked with VENOMIN JAMES to re-issue their debut album, 'Left Hand Man', on vinyl! The album will be specifically mastered for the vinyl format and will include unreleased/live bonus material. 'Left Hand Man' will be available in the first half of the year.

POOBAH will be returning in 2011 with a brand new studio album entitled 'Peace Farmers'. Originally self released by Jim Gustafson to a limited run of less than 500 copies, 'Peace Farmers' acts as a great follow up to the re-issue of 'Let Me In' and features a couple of updated renditions of some POOBAH classics. Initially, 'Peace Farmers' will be released on CD only, but as the case always seems to be, the door is open to press limited runs of vinyl to accompany the CD edition.

Santa Barbara’s melodic hard rockers TRIPDAVON are currently working on additional bonus tracks for the deluxe re-release of their latest album 'Sketches From Silence'. As with many of the releases for the year, the time table isn’t set in stone, though we suspect that the album will be ready for mass consumption towards the end of summer.

Finally, Ripple Music will release the latest offering from Scotland’s IRON CLAW. The as of yet titled full length album is comprised of all brand new material and includes the vocal talents of new member Gordon Brown. This will initially be a CD only release, but much like the POOBAH release, there’s a great chance that it will also see a vinyl edition. Tony Reed is scheduled to master the album once it’s complete and should be available sometime mid-year.

That’s it for all of the major releases for the time being, though as things go around here, that could all change in a moment’s notice and the releases may double in quantity. Also, keep in mind, this doesn’t take into consideration any of the 7” single projects that are in the works . . . so keep an ear out for that news as it becomes available.