RIPPLE MUSIC Previewed 2012 Metroplex Heavy Fest on Ripple Effect Radio Show

On Wednesday, July 18th, Ripple Music founders Todd Severin and John Rancik previewed acts from the upcoming Metroplex Heavyfest on their monthly internet radio show, The Ripple Effect Radio Show. The hosts highlighted tracks from both headliners, Wo Fat and Earthen Grave, as well as many of the supporting cast of characters in the way of Mothership, Orthodox Fuzz, F.T.W., and Turbo Motorhome. There was also a special guest appearance from "Big" Jay Brockington, the man responsible for making the event go down.

The Ripple Effect: Metroplex Heavyfest

California-based hard rock record label, Ripple Music, will be sponsoring the first annual 2012 Metroplex HeavyFest in Dallas, Tx. on July 27th & 28th, 2012! The festival will be held at The Boiler Room, owned by Steve Benton of Drowning Pool, and will celebrate some of the regions hardest and heaviest acts, including special headlining preformances from Wo Fat and Earthen Grave (featuring members of doom legends, Trouble). The event will be hosted by Dave Sherman (Heavy Soul/Wretched/Spirit Caravan/Earthride/WeedisWeed) and will feature raffles, live recordings of the performances, and special guest appearances.

"To be approached by Big Dude Productions to be a part of this event was somewhat surrreal," states John Rancik and Todd Severin of Ripple Music. "We love heavy music. We love supporting heavy music. We love the guys who create the music and have the hard stuff running through their veins. What better way to give back to the scene than get involved and help keep it vibrant and alive?"

Big Dude Productions is proud to announce:

The 2012 Metroplex HeavyFest
With special MC for both nights
Dave Sherman of Heavy Soul, Wretched, Spirit Caravan, Earthride and WeedisWeed

Held at Steve Benton’s (of Drowning Pool)
Boiler Room, in Dallas, TX.
Friday July 27th & Saturday July 28th

Sponsored By: Ripple Music

With Co-Sponsors:
Lace Music Products
Coffin Cases
Fourth Floor Graphics
Voodoo Harley Davidson of New Orleans

The showcase of talent that ranges from Doom, to Stoner, to Sludge, but is all heavy!!!

·     7 bands on each night!
·     The best of local, regional, national and globally known bands from the area, in one place!
·     $10. cover each night!
·     Raffles held for both nights on killer schwag and gear!
·     Live recording of both nights!
·     Pod-Cast taping for internet radio on both nights!

Lineup for both nights:
Friday July 27 @ The Boiler Room, Dallas, TX. / First band 7PM - Last band 1AM


Turbo Motorhome - 7PM
Stone Machine Electric - 8PM
Big Sandy Gilmer - 9PM
Mothership - 10PM
Wo Fat (headliner) - 11PM
Hawk vs Dove - 12AM
Kin of Ettins - 1AM


Saturday July 28 @ The Boiler Room, Dallas, TX. / First band 7PM - Last Band 1AM


Black on High - 7PM
Pothead Goat - 8PM
World Beneath World - 9AM
Orthodox Fuzz - 10PM
Earthen Grave (headliner) - 11PM
Cosmic Trigger - 12AM