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Raw Birth Records To Reissue METH DRINKER LP And BOTTOM FEEDER 7"

Meth Drinker s/t LP

Raw, agressive and disturbing sludge from New Zealand!! This record was originally released in a very limited edition by Always Never Fun (NZ) in 2011. Due to massive interrest in the band and the great demand for this record, Raw Birth Records quickly decided that this outstanding release had to see the light of day outside the borders of New Zealand. With this record, Meth Drinker takes it to a new level og grimness and despair! This one is a must have for all you who enjoy pure old-school sludge!!

The reissue comes with full cover, double sided insert with lyrics and artwork, and a sticker.

Retail 12 € + shipping

Wholesale 7€ + shipping

Listen to a track from this release at: http://soundcloud.com/rawbirthrecords/meth-drinker-lp-skull-smashing


Bottom Feeder s/t 7" 

Slow, heavy and swirling sludge from Copenhagen, Denmark. This EP was released by Raw Birth Records in 300 copies earlier this year. Thanks to massive attention and a lot of concerts played the release sold out in less than 2 months. Due to upcoming tours and a steady demand for this release a 200 copies repress will now be out!!

Retail 5 € + shipping

Wholesale 3€ + shipping

Listen to a track from this release at: http://soundcloud.com/rawbirthrecords/bottom-feeder-divine-heritage